Monday, February 18, 2013

The Search for a Good Granola Bar Recipe

I have recently decided to eat/feed my family more real food and cut out a lot of the processed food we eat.  I think most of the processed food in the house is in my daughter's snacks.  So I am on a quest to make homemade snacks for Lyra that are healthy and that she will actually eat.  My first attempt was to makeover her "bars."

I decided to try chocolate chip granola bars, although the term "bar" takes many forms in her world, and went in search of a good recipe.  I found many energy bar and health food recipes which included many various kinds of ingredients like dried fruits, nuts, protein powder, etc. which was not exactly what I was looking for.  For one, she doesn't like dried fruits and definitely doesn't need protein powder.  Also, a lot of the recipes contained a laundry list of ingredients and I was looking for a simple good tasting recipe.  I settled on this one:  The recipe looked simple with a few ingredients, most of which I already had.  In order to make these more diet friendly, I substituted a few of the ingredients.  I used real butter instead of margarine, whole grain kamut flour, bittersweet chocolate chips (because that's what I had), coconut sugar, honey instead of maple syrup, and the crisp rice cereal I used was whole grain brown rice with 3 ingredients on the label.  I also chose the peanut butter variation using natural peanut butter.

The verdict:  They are very tasty, solid granola bars.  A little sweet for my liking, I will cut the amount of honey if I make them again.  My husband described them as tasting like "peanut butter no bakes."  I gave my daughter an entire bar.  She ate half of it and picked the chocolate chips out of the rest.  I consider this a success and will probably try making them again in the future with a few little tweaks.   

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