Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Makin Fudge

I have been doing a lot of experimenting, which I love, with new foods lately.  My latest endeavor, chocolate mint fudge.  I found this recipe,, thought it looked good, and I decided I would try it out.  I didn't have coconut butter on hand so I made some using these instructions,  It was actually really easy to make, just put the coconut in the food processor and let it run scraping down the sides periodically.  I mixed all the ingredients as the recipe instructs and put it in a small rectangular glass dish.

The verdict:  The texture is a little different but it actually tastes pretty good.  It solidified nicely in the refrigerator, has a fudge like consistence, but is a little grainy.  I was surprised because I expected it to taste like "health" food.  The only odd thing about it is there was a little separation of the coconut oil as seen in the picture.  Maybe I didn't mix it enough.   

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  1. I'm definitely going to try to make this! Looks super yum!!!